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Below is a sampling of articles I’ve written over the years. I haven’t included all the product reviews or features, as the list is too extensive. I update this page regularly, or for a more current list you can follow me on Twitter @TechWriterGeoff or on You can find a listing of all my CNET articles here.

And to be honest, unless you’re checking up on my tech prowess, skip to the “Fun/Misc” section at the bottom.

Thanks for reading.

Technical Articles
If I have a talent (and that’s a big “if”) it would be explaining complex topics in a way that a non-technical person can understand and enjoy.
So topics like:
All HDMI Cables are the Same – My first article for CNET. Over 900,000 people have read it so far.
LED LCD vs. plasma vs. LCD Another hugely popular article on CNET.
1080i and 1080p are the same resolution could be a dry and boring, but hopefully by using humor the complex subject becomes easier to understand.
Likewise with:
Active 3D vs. passive 3D: What’s better?
What is refresh rate?
What is 600Hz?
All my techy CNET articles: TV tech explainer: Every HDTV technology decoded

I’ve lost track how many reviews I’ve done over the years. Here’s a few that stand out.
The Future of Surround Sound –  A look at Dolby Atmos
What to know before buying a ‘connected’ TV Not the funniest thing I’ve written, but it was on so probably one of the most widely read.
Screen Cleaners – A De-messifying Review
Building the Ultimate HTPC
Just about everything I wrote while Technical Editor at Home Theater magazine (reviews, features, columns, etc)

OK, that’s the business nuts and bots. Here are some less-tech, more-fun articles. A lot of my Sound+Vision stuff falls in this category.
The Things I Said, and the Things I Said I Said A commenter on this article called me “The Bard of Barbs!”
This is along the same lines: A Form Letter for Tech Correspondence
A Plea FOR a Connected Life I’m sick of people complaining about technology. This is my response.
Haters gonna hate – A humorous send-off of the Internet “elite”
There and Back Again: A Photo Journey to CES and Mercifully Home – “Dawn breaks over this city like chlorine on a crime scene. A scything cleanse unable, perhaps unwilling, to purge the filth from the crevices.”
(Do not) Objectify a Male Tech Writer Day (Or Don’t) Not sure
The Sound at Speed: Behind the Wheel of The Porsche Panamera Turbo
Pop Music in the Movies I should turn this into some sort of directorial thesis.
On Spotify and MOG: Pirates, Truck Poo, and 99¢ Thank Yous
Why I hate Aerosmith
An amusing (to me anyway) review of the movie Drive
Video Games vs Computer Games
James Cameron discusses Blu-ray and the 3D future at Blu-Con Lots of fun writing this one.
Lincon MKX/THX
Building the Wood PC
The 13-foot Subwoofer
A $60 HTIB Review I love this one. “Allegedly, the speakers are amplified. Listening does not prove this conclusively…”
185 Feet Per Second A blog post about my travels on the Autobahn. Part 2 at the bottom of this post. This is one of my most favorite things I’ve written.
CSi(Pod) This, on the other (same?) hand, is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever written.
No, wait, this one:
Lirpa Labs Liberty Freedom 1776 A-FY Tower Speaker Review I love this article. Greatest speaker ever.

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