Tech and Marketing Writing


Manuals, Press Releases, White Papers, Advertorials and all other Marketing Literature.

As a former Technical Editor and Editor in Chief, I have a collection of skills suited to help out anyone in need of press releases or other marketing literature.

· I know what editors and writers are looking for when it comes to press releases.

· Having been on the sales side, 6 years answering letters to the editor, along with 10 years reviewing and testing, I have a good idea what consumers are looking for.

· I have an extensive background writing for many magazines including Home Entertainment, Home Theater, Robb Report, Channel Guide, and many websites. Creating daily content from press releases for the Home Entertainment website specifically has given me a clear-cut understanding on what separates a good release from a bad one.

· As you can see in the writing sample section, one ability I have as a writer—IF I have any—is to be able to explain complex technical jargon down to where normal people can get it.

· Having been Editor-in-Chief of HE and Technical Editor at HT, I understand deadlines all too well.

· Lastly, and though it may not seem important, I have quite a lot of knowledge in SEO. What does that do for you? Because releases are posted online as is, any SEO done on your end would ideally result in better search placement for the outlets posting them. Better placement for them means more eyes on your company/client’s releases.

I currently have a variety of marketing clients, and am always looking for new opportunities. I don’t disclose my current client list, but I will inform up-front of any potential conflicts.

If you’re looking for assistance with your press releases or other marketing literature, like advertorials, white papers, and so on, please drop me a line at my address: gomorrison+web@

I write it that way as it cuts down on the spam.

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