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Geoff Morrison is a privateer writer and editor based in Los Angeles. He was the Editor in Chief of Home Entertainment magazine and before that Technical Editor of Home Theater magazine. He currently freelances for a variety of magazines and websites. Geoff specializes in tech writing, most notably home audio and video, computers, and the technologies there in. He also writes about movies, video games, cars, and himself in the third person.

He is a graduate of Ithaca College, with a B.S. in Audio Production and minors in Writing and Film. He’s worked as a salesman, a lackey (i.e. production assistant), a driver, a manager, and a part-time Muppet. He is listed in the credits for one “major” Hollywood movie.

Photos on this site are not guaranteed to be representative of the author, as at any give time he may have less hair, be more pasty, and/or both. Photos by the author, on the other hand, are representative only that he has had, at various times, a decent camera.

He is also the author of the internationally bestselling novel Undersea.

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